Alyssa - Owner

For the past five years, cross-stitch design has been my full-time passion. I love that I can share my passion with all of you!

I design for well-known cross-stitch magazines such as Cross Stitch Crazy & The World of Cross Stitch. In addition, I have published a cross-stitch book, Cross Stitch Collages, with over 200 small patterns arranged into 10 beautiful collages.

But life isn’t just about work; I’m also an avid traveler and adventurer, always seeking new inspiration for my cross-stitch patterns.

In addition to running Stitchonomy and The Pattern Club, I organize Stitch Alongs a few times a year. It’s a fantastic way to connect with fellow stitchers and work on projects together!

Alyssa Westhoek is the designer behind the brand Stitchonomy. Her patterns are characterized by cheerful use of color and simplicity. Collages are Alyssa’s trademark, and you’ll find 10 of them in this book. Each collage has its own theme and consists of numerous small cross stitch patterns.

With over 200 patterns, they are great for creating all kinds of other creations. To inspire you, there are also 20 fun DIY ideas in this booklet that show you that embroidery is not old-fashioned at all, quite the opposite! Cross Stitch Collages is bilingual, with accompanying text in both Dutch and English.

Cross Stitch Collages

250 tiny patterns & 20 cool projects

Stitch Along

Stitching Together is Better!

-Borduurpakketten, -benodigdheden -patronen- Stitchonomy

A ‘Stitch Along’ (SAL) is a fun and creative community activity where a secret cross stitch pattern is released piece by piece, sometimes daily, weekly, or monthly.

Cross Stitchers from all over the world join in, receive the pattern, stitch it, and can choose to share their progress. At the end of the SAL, everyone has completed the same pattern, but there is plenty of room for individual creativity, resulting in unique projects.

SALs provide a way to combat the potentially lonely nature of solitary stitching by providing a shared experience, where participants can share progress, collaborate, and inspire each other, turning one project into countless unique creations.

Realize all your cross stitch dreams in The Pattern Club!

Dive into a world full of daily patterns, an extensive pattern library, and have a say in future content. Take advantage of a massive 50% discount on previous Stitch Along patterns, enjoy early access to SALs and exciting bonuses, plus score an exclusive 15% discount on kits and products.

And that’s not all! Join our cheerful community platform, use the Stitcher’s Toolbox, and you can even earn rewards by referring your fellow cross stitchers to the club!

The Pattern Club

Join our global community of cross stitchers!

-Borduurpakketten, -benodigdheden -patronen- Stitchonomy