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Custom illustration

Starting from 99,-

Do you have a drawing or illustration of your own and would you like to convert it into a cross stitch or embroidery pattern?

I will convert your illustration manually and with great eye for detail into a good cross stitch or embroidery project. Then you can embroider the project yourself!

Cross Stitch or Embroidery Kits

Starting from 299,-

I deliver the design work as a digital pattern. But I can also provide complete cross stitch or embroidery kits for you, including layout and printing!

You can create your own embroidery kit, for example for resale, from as few as 30 kits!

Dutch Nursery Collection

In 2019, I made the Dutch Nursery Collection together with four illustrators – four really cool cross stitch projects based on beautiful and fun children’s illustrations! Do you want embroidery kits with your own illustrations but no idea where to start? Contact us using the form below!

Tamara used to think it was stupid when her mother was behind the sewing machine. Now that is what Tamara prefers to do. Creating and making the most beautiful items for you and your (small) kids! Her dream is to do good with her company for children who are less fortunate.
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Deborah regularly works on assignments such as children’s books, patterns for fabrics, illustrations in children’s magazines and whatever comes her way.

Marijke Buurlage (1989) is an illustrator who lives in the north of the Netherlands. Her work is lively, light-hearted, playful and feminine and her two favorite things to draw are animals and plants.

Maria was born in Delft, the Netherlands. She studied Social Psychology in Utrecht. But while she loved to research, she decided to follow her heart and start her own illustration and design studio: Little Vanilla.

Request a free quote!

The price depends on the size, complexity and use of color and the print run. Be as clear and comprehensive as possible!

Once we receive your request we will contact you as soon as possible for any additional information such as images, sketches etc.

Explain here as clearly as possible what your wishes are with regard to size, use of color and complexity.